Frasers Property, formerly known as Golden Land, a leading property development company, partnered with ELE to design its 40,000-square-foot headquarters with sophisticated space planning and material selection. Upon arrival, a raw and live-edges reception desk installation welcomes guests into the space with an attractive internal staircases that connects the now-contiguous floors enabling greater staff interaction whilst activating the centrally located meeting and social spaces. Reflecting the natural cultures of the firm, a range of both light and warm timber, and other raw, textural materials creates a strong backdrop punctuated by moments of vibrant colour in the breakout furniture, meeting room accent walls, and hexagonal frame ceiling panels that relate to the unique shape of the floor plate. The design team facilitated a series of staff workshops and interviews to ensure that the new environment was tailored to the unique needs of the team.


The detail and material are carefully put together to ensure, the only best quality is reflected.